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ScuttlebuttReviews is a collective, featuring reviews of MM Romance (Gay Romance), Fiction, and Erotica. This includes, but is not limited to, Contemporary, Historical, Urban, Paranormal, Fantasy, BDSM, MPreg, Young Adult, New Adult, Science Fiction, and Multiple Partners.

Though we review MM Romance, we understand that at times a heterosexual encounter may be integral to plot development. If one of your main characters has a brief romantic or sexual relationship with a woman (or if there is a MMF scene), we will still consider the book for review. We generally ask for requests wherein the main focus is the two male main characters, and the MF or MMF relationship lasts less than half of the book. Acceptance, like all other books we accept, is contingent upon having a reviewer who is interested. If the request is accepted, we will clearly state in the resulting review, in both the genre and review sections of the post, the book contains MF and/or MMF scenes.

When posting about books from our personal collections, we may review an edition that predates what is currently available. Some of these books may have been published through different publishers since our purchase. Reviews of older editions will clearly state there will be some differences between what we reviewed and what the reader will be purchasing.

We share links to our reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GoodReads, Amazon (US), and publishers’ site (if that option is available).

Reviews posted here may be used in part or in whole, but only if directly quoted and clearly credited to ScuttlebuttReviews.com.

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