Interviews and Book Tours

Interviews and Book Tours

ScuttlebuttReviews is happy to post interviews or host an author during a book tour or blog hop. These can be done at any time, whether to promote a new book release, or to discuss subjects related to the genre, writing, reading, editing, or publishing.

If interested in a book tour, please contact us with the same information found on the Request a Review page, and remember to include dates of the tour.

If one wishes to be interviewed for the site, please include contact information, specific discussion topics, the author (or publisher, etc) website, and a brief biography to be posted with the interview. If requesting an interview related to a specific book, please first ensure ScuttlebuttReviews has a copy of the book, and is writing (or has written) a review. If part of a series, we encourage, but do not require, including previous books from the series, so we may discuss overall story arc.

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