John Simpson – Into the Dark Void (Guest Post)

John Simpson, about his upcoming book, Into the Dark Void 


Cover from John Simpson’s latest currently available release

Having written close to fifty books and stories, I decided to venture out into a new world with co-author Robert Cummings. We took a short story that I wrote quite some time ago, and expanded it into a full novel. The story revolves around a brand new topic for me, but with familiar components.
“Into the Dark Void,” is a Sci-fy novel, about space travel, and evolved from the short story, “Piece of the Universe.” This is the story of an exploration ship that is staffed with a squadron of Marines to provide defense and guard services to the ship and its personnel. However, on orders from the very top of earth mission command, the ship is boarded by another ship from earth and a few personnel are transferred to the second ship including a pair of Marines.
The second ship has a much more dire mission: Find out who activated a panel on a deep space probe that was thought to be dead. What do they find and how do they handle it takes this story into a new realm of thought. “Who’s playing with our toys?” That’s the question that needs an urgent answer. Of course this wouldn’t be a Dreamspinner book without romance! Who falls for who?
The novel is being published by Dreamspinner Press and is due for release this July in both paperback and e-book, and is the latest work from the writing team of Simpson and Cummings.


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