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Thanks so much for having me here on Scuttlebutt Reviews! All the novels in my West Coast Boys series have their own soundtracks and I’d love to share a bit about how that started, and how it works.
So many songs are evocative to me. As I drive and listen to the radio, I can’t help but imagine the stories inside songs or how they relate to my own life. As I started writing male/male romance, set in my own West Coast landscape and culture, the songs changed for me. It was no longer, ‘how does this song speak to me?’ it was now, ‘how does this song speak to Logan?’ Or Jeremy, or Skyler or Ryan. There were certain songs that naturally fit into experiences that the guys were having, or that spoke to them at key milestone moments in their lives.
I collected up the songs as they wove themselves into the fabric of the story and decided I needed a way to share them. Luckily, the internet has figured out how to do that! I found Grooveshark, created a playlist and now you can read the excerpt below while listening to the music that goes with it.


About the New Release

“King of Rain” was released Mar 13, 2015 and is book 2 in the series. It’s a spin off book, so you don’t have to read the books in order. It’s a contemporary M/M Romance, with a New Adult or Coming of Age flavor.

Blurb – King of Rain

Being uber-tall and broad made it easy for Logan to hide his sexuality and vulnerability behind armor made of strength, ambition, and emotional detachment. His mask of macho success was shattered when he discovered the friend he’s carried a secret torch for has a boyfriend, and everything he’s always wanted now belongs to someone else. Logan can’t pretend not to care anymore, as his rage erupts in a horrible act of revenge. It’s impossible to hide his demons, now that they’ve broken loose.
Since losing his sweet boyfriend, Jeremy’s loud and proud life of sex parties and clubbing feels empty. When he meets the dark and self-destructive Logan, Jeremy recognizes the demons he sees in Logan’s eyes. After all, he has plenty of his own.
Logan isn’t looking for love, he’s looking for punishment and release, but with Jeremy all three seem momentarily possible… until he learns his victim was Jeremy’s lost love. Logan doesn’t expect forgiveness and knows he doesn’t deserve a real life, but after a taste of intimate closeness, finding salvation alone will mean he has to change, or die trying.



King of Rain by michelefogal on Grooveshark

Note: if the embedded player doesn’t work for you, you can access the Soundtrack on my website.
Soundtrack Excerpt – Tracks 12 & 13
12. “Dangerous” by Big Data
Dangerous by Big Data on Grooveshark
13. “Take Me To Church” by Hozier
Take Me to Church by Hozier on Grooveshark
Note: if the embedded players don’t work for you, you can access the music here or here


I was feeling kinda low and restless as I cleaned up the apartment. Kodi and I had a deal that I did more cleaning and he did more cooking, and I figured any minute that Logan wasn’t here I should get it out of the way. I put on some music really loud and scrubbed the kitchen sink out. Weird, I know, but Kodi loves a shiny sink. This song called “Dangerous” by Big Data came on and it had this super hot sex groove to it, so of course I got to thinking about Logan. That dangerous streak in him did draw me in. I wiped everything down, turned the music off, and Googled the lyrics of the song on my computer.
I listened to the song again with the words this time, and it was all about hiding and running from people who were going to find out your secret. It totally sounded like a gay song, but then, maybe every forbidden love song sounds that way to me. I thought about Logan at the soccer game and what it must be like for him in the perfect closet he’d made for himself.
I e-mailed him a link to the song on my Grooveshark account, put the words “Is this what it’s like for you to be with me?” in the title of the e-mail, and hit Send. This moment of dread washed over me. Had I just sent him a love song and asked him about his feelings? Fuck. This was so not me, and I wouldn’t blame him for making fun of me. I shut the laptop and went back to scrub the fuck out of the kitchen floor, and it was pathetic how fast I checked my e-mail when my phone chimed about half an hour later.
He’d written back, and my stomach tightened, waiting for him to trash me. I’d have to blow it off and pretend like I’d been joking. I fumbled my soapy hands over the touch screen, wiping them on my jeans as I read it. It said, “No. It’s like this (except with male pronouns)” and there was a link. I admit I walked pretty damn fast over to my laptop and fired it up to open that link on a better player than my phone. It was a Grooveshark link too, to his own account, and it linked to the song “Take Me To Church” by Hozier. I listened to it while I was looking up the lyrics, and then I listened to it again with my laptop plugged into my bedroom speakers and cranked it.
It was a hot song—man, it sounded like the hottest thing I’d ever heard, and I was so relieved and delighted that I started dancing around my room, letting my body rock and thrust out all the crazy roaring in me. It was a painful song too, but instead of being about the pain and fear of hiding, it was full of worship and devotion to the high-voltage connection that surged between us in all its harsh physical glory. I jumped on my bed and dragged down the covers, seeing if I could smell his scent on my sheets. My face buried in the pillows, I felt myself get hard just thinking about him. I texted him.
How soon can you get here?

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