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Hello one and all! My name is Nancy M. Griffis and I’m the proud writer of A Most Unusual Courtship and A Most Unusual Wedding! Both were published via Dreamspinner Press in April. I’m still a bit giddy, to be honest.
Giddy enough to make the time jump back to Victorian London, which is where the stories take place, and start the sequel (actually, I’m about a third of the way through!). I’ve always loved history, was a real nerd back in school, but this is the first time I used it in a novel setting. I’ll admit to cheating a bit by changing the rules and adding magic/power to a substantial portion of the population and tweaking things further still so that same-sex couples are an everyday thing. Aside from that, I immersed myself in all things Victorian for the six months it took to write Wedding which hopefully comes through.
So our heroes are Lord Leo Harris, who has power in many senses of the word, and Gerald Smithson, Master Leathersmith, who doesn’t. Gerald’s also had seriously bad experiences with mages in his past and wanted nothing to do with Leo in the beginning. Still, it was love at first sight for Leo so he pursued Gerald and wore him down won him over in the end. ;o)
Coming from such different worlds – noble vs. not and powered vs. not – I was surprised that they got on so well once the initial blush of infatuation died down, but I probably shouldn’t have been. They have a surprising amount of things in common when it comes to their values, after all, and were raised in supportive, loving families to give them a firm foundation of self.
Being me, I have to put such lovely men to the test. I’m a fair bit evil to my characters in any given novel because if there’s going to be a happy ending, I want them to work for it. Can’t have things come too easy now, can we? Where’s the fun in that? That’s why a power-induced plague descends on London three weeks before the wedding and a mysterious someone other than Leo has a high interest in Gerald’s affections. Throw in a powerful uncle against the marriage and a best man who doesn’t trust Leo as far as he can throw him and things (hopefully) get interesting.
I had a lot of fun writing Wedding and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much! Thanks for tuning in!


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