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Holy Shit, We’re Back!

Bet y’all thought you’d seen the last of us, yeah? It’s no great secret that my latest triumph of brilliance and IT mastery had me settled into a nice, solid rage over the last month. Oh, and also resulted in breaking this site. Fairly certain I can promise there’ll be no more blind tinkering. It only took a


Giveaway Winner

HOP AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA AND TRANSPHOBIA GIVEAWAY WINNER   First, We’d like to extend our thanks to everybody who stopped by to read Karen’s story. We especially appreciate that everybody who commented shared a supportive note in line with the spirit of HAHAT. Original post can be found HERE. Comments posted to the ScuttlebuttReviews WordPress site were added here (the original


Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

HOP AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA AND TRANSPHOBIA In honor of May 17th being International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, we’re stepping back from our usual reviews and such and sharing a personal story. Don’t forget to see below for giveaway information and links to other participants. See Giveaway Winner HERE In April this year my brother, P,


Back on Track

An update, and assurance that I’ve not given up and run off to Boliva. At last I can write that I think ScuttlebuttReviews is finally back on track! January was one incredibly stupid problem after another, including being locked out of the site for nearly two weeks, then, just as site access was regained, my