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**June 6th Update**

Please note we are currently running slightly behind schedule. If submitting a  review request for a book not a new release, we are not currently providing an  exact posting date. We are not refusing older books; simply not promising reviews by specific dates, as is standard for many sites.

We will provide exact dates for promotion of upcoming releases and/or book tours. Please make sure you’ve remembered to tell us this is your intent and have provided any corresponding tour dates.

To help clear our backlist, we’ve recently added two more reviewers, and are seeking another one (or two!). If you know somebody seeking a home for their reviews, please feel free to send them our way.
**End Update**


Please do not send a copy of the book with your initial inquiry as we may already have a copy or decline to review. Even if seeking a review for an ARC, please wait until we’ve reached an agreement. Note that requests are only accepted after a reviewer declares interest and intent to review.

Before sending a book, please provide the following (our contact information is at the end of the post):

-Author’s name
-Book title
-Series title and number (if applicable)
-Publisher’s name and purchase URL
-Publication date
-Available formats
-Length (word count and/or page numbers)
-Blurb (will be posted on ScuttlebuttReviews with the review)
-Author’s preferred gender pronoun (Not necessary, but it helps us write reviews that aren’t clunky with “The Author”)
-Author’s website (not mandatory)
-Additional information you think may be useful (such as giveaway or contest information)

Review requests: We focus on MM Romance, Gay Romance, and Gay Fiction*, and ask that requests fall under those genres. However, we may also occasionally share reviews for books from “sibling genres” (MMF, FF, etc) depending upon our reviewers’ tastes. Reviewers will not be asked to read anything outside their interest, whether determined by sexuality or by other qualifiers. Please see points below for clarification on included sub-genres and our hard limits.

We might accept: Young Adult books featuring minors in sexual situations provided characters involved are of similar ages, and/or the scene is necessary for plot development. Requests for reviews of books with these scenarios are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Reviews that are not entirely “MM Romance” will clearly state, in both the genre and review sections of the post. This includes brief scenes featuring MF, MMF, and/or Trans* scenes. The intent is not to push aside such content, but rather to clearly define genres for readers. Just as some readers of MF Romance would be uncomfortable with a surprise MM scene, the same is true of some MM readers with MF scenes. 

We do occasionally accept fully MMF books. Any acceptance, past or future, is entirely dependent upon having reviewer interested in the book. When considering submitting a request, please first imagine your own, then our, target audiences. If there is no overlap in readers, then this is probably not the best review site for your book.

Sub-genres we do not accept: We do not accept books with pedophilia, bestiality, or rape, with few and  limited exceptions (which could include a partially shifted character in shifter stories, a scene that is integral to the plot and/or character development and is not written for sexual gratification). Please contact us if unsure about your book’s eligibility and briefly (but clearly) explain the situation causing uncertainty. Again, decisions are made individually and independently of one another, and we only agree to review after confirming we have an interested reviewer.

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New editions/Reissues: When reviewing books from our private libraries, we may have an edition that pre-dates that currently available. Some may have been released through different publishers since purchase. Though we’ve no current plans to post a review of an older edition, it may happen. If it does, the review will clearly state the potential of differences between the edition we review and the one available. All links will note as directing to the most recent edition. We will make every attempt to avoid publishing reviews for books that are not available at time of posting.

If a new edition is published for a book we’ve reviewed, we will certainly update links and publishing information, and note the reissue event in our original review. We will only entertain posting a second review if there is a significant change in content, and even then would probably simply add a brief update to the original review.

ARCs: If requesting a review before a book is released, please have necessary permissions from those involved in the writing and publishing the end. At the moment, we are not guaranteeing reviews by a set date, unless part of a book tour or similar. We do make every reasonable effort to give new releases priority. Please note that between receipt and posting, there may be other posts featuring older books. Here are a few reasons: we work on a first-come-first-serve basis, the most well-suited reader for your book may have other books in queue, and many reviews of older books were written before this site went public, and are posted periodically. This does not mean we are ignoring you or your book.

Books in a series: When we receive a request for a book that is part of a series, but is not the first book of that series, we much prefer also reviewing the books that came before, as well as the book requested. This may not apply if:
Earlier installments are not MM Romance,
There are more than a couple previous books, and/or
The other books have little or no impact on the one requested.

Reviewers, books, and money: Nobody at ScuttlebuttReviews accepts money in exchange for a more positive review or rating. Though we may accept books in exchange for a review, we do so with the understanding that requested reviews are treated with the same impartiality as those purchased with our own funds. No book or author is given special treatment, and reviews are a reflection of the reviewer’s thoughts, not the $6 we did or did not spend on a book.

Reviewers are assigned based upon interest. Our reviewers are volunteers, and as such choose which books to accept based upon their individual tastes. There is no sense in assigning a YA book review to somebody who dislikes the YA genre.

Books are only ever given to the reviewer.

The review: ScuttlebuttReviews does not promise a positive review. We are honest with our assessments. It will be reflected in the review if a book has issues such as plot inconsistencies, an erratic or unlikable character (due to writing style rather than the character’s personality), and/or poor editing. We also do not post reviews just stating our like or dislike of a book without giving an explanation and examples for our opinion. We understand that editors and proofreaders, not the author, are responsible for editing. It’s still part of the overall package, the same as particularly lovely or awful covers. Please remember reviews are as subjective as the books themselves. While not cruel simply for cruelties’ sake, neither will we post placating lies about our opinions.

When a review is published, we also post links to the page on Goodreads, Amazon US, LibraryThing, the publisher’s site (if that option is available), Twitter. For Facebook and Google+, we post links on the ScuttlebuttReviews profiles and pages, as well as in relevant groups to which we belong (27 on Facebook, and 6 on G+). If the review was a request, we will email the direct URL and a summary of where we’ve shared the link. 

Using our reviews elsewhere: Reviews posted on this site may be used by others, either in part or in whole, but only if directly quoted and accurately credited to ScuttlebuttReviews.

Please contact us here or via email. If using the form below, do not attach your book. Though our site remains as secure as possible, and we’ve disallowed any attempts at unapproved access, we’d prefer to avoid the possibility of books being jacked through us. In short? Send all books from your email server to ours, but only if we ask for a copy.


*Yes, we do include trans* and genderqueer characters in those categories. No, we’re not particular about direction of transition (FtM, MtF).


Let us know what you think!