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If you would like to review for ScuttlebuttReviews:

Please send us a note (see below for contact information) including your name, a bit about yourself and your favorite sub-genres (contemporary, YA, etc.), and a sample review. Please send the sample as a Word Document, New Times Roman, 14 point font, single spaced. Please remember to include with the review the book’s author, the title, publication date, and the publisher.

black and white sketch of girl writing

By Harriet Roosevelt Richards (1867-1932) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What we look for in reviews:

There are neither strict length nor subject requirements, but an ideal review for a novel hits somewhere around 500 words, and includes information about the characters, plot, editing, author’s style, and your overall opinion of the book. If there is something specific you like or dislike, explain why. For example, is the author particularly skilled at world-building? Does a character do something that seems not to fit his personality? Is there a huge plot hole? Give examples, perhaps providing a short quote.

Avoid spoilers, like naming “whodunnit” in a mystery, or which characters end up together out of a few possibilities. When in doubt, stay vague in detail but clear in generalizations. If your review reads more like, “The author had me captivated when Joe was killed, and it took me another 30 pages to realize Bob was the murderer!” than this,”The author has a knack for building tension during key turning points…” please rework before sending. We want people encouraged to read, not to ruin the story for them.

We love it; what’s next?

Should ScuttlebuttReviews want to post your review, it will be proofread for grammar, spelling, and readability (ex: a sentence works better in the beginning of the paragraph). We do not change our reviewer’s stated opinions. Before posting, the sample review will be returned to you with any edits for your final approval. Please do not take proofreading as a personal affront; every post is given a quick edit to ensure certain site-wide consistencies. We consider sample reviews as a chance for parties to see if we’ll work well together.

Similarly, if you notice an error on the site, please send us an email with the specifics! If you’re interested in only proof-reading, email a query, and we will send you a sample review to edit and return.

If we all decide we’ll work well together, your level of participation will be up to you. We will send you new releases, requests, ARCs, books for a tour, and/or older books depending upon your involvement and taste. New releases, requests, ARCs, and books that are part of tours have set turn-around dates (usually about 2 weeks) and therefore require a bit more dedication and responsibility than books that aren’t brand new.

Book suggestions for your sample review:

Any book will do, though we suggest you choose a book that evoked a strong response. Your review need not be a new release, in fact, consider writing a review for an older book by an author with a new release! If we think your style will mesh well with the rest of ours, we will want to post your sample review. Therefore, it’d be great if you choose a book we’ve not yet reviewed. While this isn’t mandatory, it is most likely that we will not post a repeat review.

We will privately discuss further reviews after receiving the sample.

To contact us:

Please send your sample review via email only! Any questions may be sent via email or using the form below.


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