Penny Hudson – Finding Figaro (Guest Post)

Finding Figaro, by Penny Hudson   Thanks for hosting me! I know a surprising amount of people who read romance, but will never admit it in public. It’s the most popular genre there is, so why not be open about it? It generates more than a billion dollars in sales every year. That’s billion with


Michele Fogal (Guest Post)

King of Rain, by Michele Fogal Novels with Soundtracks Thanks so much for having me here on Scuttlebutt Reviews! All the novels in my West Coast Boys series have their own soundtracks and I’d love to share a bit about how that started, and how it works. So many songs are evocative to me. As I


Emma Jane (Guest Post)

Hi, thank you for stopping by. My name’s Emma Jane and I’m the author of Shuttered. When Daniel has a reading from clairvoyant Rowan at a craft fair, he quickly realises it’s a con. But he likes Rowan, seeing the charm behind the chancer’s facade, and so rather than expose him, he starts to date


Andrew Grey – Fire and Water (Guest Post)

Andrew Grey – Why I Write: I have been interviewed many times for blogs, radio, television and the hardest question I have ever been asked is why I write. It’s difficult because there isn’t an easy answer. I never set out to write and it wasn’t a dream of mine growing up. In school I


Indra Vaughn – Dust of Snow (Guest Post)

Dust of Snow, by Indra Vaughn Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, MM Romance A note from Indra: A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) I used to take Zumba classes. We had a very small, local gym with a tiny population of grandmas and a few moms trying to work off the baby fat (I’m