Anne Barwell (Guest Post)

Cat’s Quill (Hidden Places 01), by Anne Barwell By Any Other Name Thanks for hosting me today. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet When I chose roses as the topic for today, I couldn’t resist including the quote I took the title of the blog


John Simpson – Into the Dark Void (Guest Post)

John Simpson, about his upcoming book, Into the Dark Void  Having written close to fifty books and stories, I decided to venture out into a new world with co-author Robert Cummings. We took a short story that I wrote quite some time ago, and expanded it into a full novel. The story revolves around a brand

Zach Sweets - Unheard COVER

Zach Sweets – Destruction 01 – Unheard Destruction

Unheard Destruction (Destruction 01) by Zach Sweets Genre: MM Romance, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Action Stars: 5 stars   Blurb: Rusty and Hal step out of their house to a world destroyed. Before they can make sense of what has happened, they are abducted—by aliens. Help arrives in the unexpected form of Assim, an alien who can speak


Seven by Adrienne Wilder

Seven, by Adrienne Wilder Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Mystery/Action, Urban, MM Romance Stars: 4.5   Blurb: A past that won’t let go… After losing his job, Chase Sarim finds himself living in a shit hole apartment. His new neighbor calls himself Seven, wears aluminum hats and carries around a ceramic rooster. He also seems to know


Walking on the Sun (Road Trip 04), by BA Tortuga

Walking on the Sun (Road Trip 04), by BA Tortuga Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Action, Sci-Fi Stars: 4.5 Blurb: When MJ gives himself up to the craziest man Sonny has ever met to save Sonny’s life, he knows he has to get his lover back, no matter what the cost. So he gathers the whole Road Trip